Outdoor Access provides member hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts exclusive access to private land on a short term basis, be it a day, weekend or entire season. We are dedicated to making unique outdoor experiences more accessible and affordable for all outdoor enthusiasts, while helping build outdoor traditions between family and friends.

We also want to help private landowners maximize the value of their property by using a platform that gives them complete control, protection and flexibility. We believe that by creating a “win-win” scenario for landowners and enthusiasts alike, we will help more people enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors!


You can preview properties prior to becoming a member. However, you will not be able to reserve any properties – or view key details – until you have applied for membership and, where applicable, completed a free background check. From there, you can select and reserve all available properties, for any available activity, for as long as you wish.

For the landowner, you simply create your listing details, identify the permissible activities, assign when you want the listing to be available, and set a price for the use of your property. It costs you nothing to list your property and you will have peace of mind knowing your listing is automatically covered under the $1,000,000 Outdoor Access insurance policy.

Outdoor Access Members enjoy exclusive access to some of the finest private property in the country. Whether you are reserving it for a day of fishing and family fun, a weekend camping trip, or a season of deer hunting, Outdoor Access provides you with a simple and cost-efficient way to get access to conveniently located properties for the amount of time you need, to enjoy the activity you crave at a price you can afford!

Outdoor Enthusiast

As an Outdoor Enthusiast, you can book property all year round for any non-hunting related recreational activities. Camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching... You can reserve property to enjoy all your non-hunting outdoor passions.

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Outdoor Adventurer

Outdoor Adventurers are able to book hunting and fishing reservations all year round – so whether you’re hunting turkeys in Spring, doing some bass fishing in Summer, or going after a trophy buck in Fall, you are able to book exclusive access to private land.

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Ultimate Outdoors

With the Ultimate Outdoors membership, you are able to book any outdoor activity – hunting related or not. You can enjoy the broadest possible array of outdoor adventures and activities for 26% less... that's an amazing bargain!

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Every membership comes with a gift package of Outdoor Access goodies so that you can proudly show your friends and fellow outdoor lovers that you’re part of our team.

Regardless of which option you choose, we know that you’ll appreciate the flexibility and extreme value that every level of membership provides. And as Outdoor Access members, you’ll also receive incredible deals and exclusive offers from some of our marketing partners. So sign up today and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors in a way that only Outdoor Access can provide!